Tres Dias (means “3 days”) is a 3-day Christian retreat designed to strengthen and enrich a relationship with Jesus Christ the Son of God.

There are table discussions and talks given by every-day people just like you.  Dress is casual comfortable clothing (jeans, sweatpants).  There are weekends for men, followed by weekends for women.

For more questions, contact a Pre-Weekend person at this link:  Contact Us

Tres Dias of North Georgia’s local area is Greater Atlanta.  Usually candidates attend a Tres Dias weekend in the area where they live so they can be in a small group with people they know.  If you live in different area, you may prefer a local community.

A Christian who is at least 21 years old and has not attended Tres Dias (or a similar three day weekend) can apply to become a candidate if they are sponsored by someone who has attended.  Attendance is prioritized by the time stamp on an application and the waiting period can be from months to a year.  Men and women attend different weekends; the husband must attend first if the candidate is married.  If you are between 15 and 20 years old, you are eligible to attend Vida Nueva.