Dec 8, 2017

Due to the current weather conditions the December secuela has been canceled.

Oct 16, 2017

Important Message from Our Chairman

Parents Coming to Secuelas with Children MUST Read

Blessings, to all of you!

Our North Georgia Tres Dias Secuelas are wonderful times of corporate celebration through worship, fellowship and great food in a welcoming church. It has been a special, personal thrill for me to see the hard work of our 4th Day teams and volunteers be so honored by our Lord in the growing attendance at Secuelas this year. At least some of the increase in attendance is attributed to our pilot program of offering child care for up to 25 children at each event. At our last Secuela we actually had 32 children to care for, and that is the reason for this message to all of you who may want to bring children to the November 4th Secuela and those in the future.

Tres Dias Weekends require an amazing amount of work in preparation and execution, and all of us who attend, serve on teams and/or support the Weekends are adults. We have strict policies in place to be sure that children are NOT permitted at Closings, Serenades, etc. When the Secretariat decided to pilot having child care at Secuelas, there were a number of issues and efforts that were layered onto the work already being done. We had to negotiate with the church for space – which is wonderful, but it gives us set limits to accommodate children and the required adult workers. We also had to increase our insurance coverage, find vetted child care workers, etc. We also knew there was a need to have registration in advance and to keep from exceeding the limit on the number of children we can safely care for. The safety of your children is our first concern

Here’s the bottom line, brothers and sisters…

Please, if you plan to bring children to a Secuela, read – and follow – ALL of the guidelines and requirements when you register them. Here is an excerpt from the announcement that went out before a previous Secuela:

…bring your children, ages 3 to 10, with you to North Atlanta Church of Christ – 5676 Roberts Drive Dunwoody, 30338. While you are enjoying a night of fun, food, fellowship and music with your TD brothers and sisters, your children will be across the hall in two awesome Kiddie rooms that the Church is graciously allowing us to use. ( Room 208 – The Children’s Club house and Room 210- The Children’s Treehouse) Your precious ones will be cared for by background checked, vetted VN girls over the age of 18. They will play games, watch videos and more importantly, be safe and cared for, just a hallway away from you. Clear juice and Goldfish crackers will be provided for a snack. ( feed your kiddos a good dinner before coming!😍) Drop off time begins at 5:15.
We have a few more details to work out before the November 4th Secuela, and you will be seeing an announcement with all the information you need, including a link to an on-line registration page.

Please help us be able to keep this service to parents viable. The guidelines and requirements MUST be followed, or we could have to terminate the program.

May God show you marvelous favor in your 4th Day!

In Christ’s Lavish Love,
George Flury

May 11, 2017

Resolution to Amend By-Laws

In accordance with Section 7.4 of the Tres Dias of North Georgia By-Laws the following Resolution to Amend the By-Laws of TDNG are submitted to the TDNG Community for their review.  Members of the Community who would like to comment or discuss the amendments listed below, please reply to

George Flury at:


Proposed Changes to By-Laws June 2017


Proposed Changes to By-Laws April 2017