January 2012

Blessings and DeColores, Everyone!

My name is George Flury. I attended TDNG #61 in August, 2000, where I sat at the Table of John. Under the leadership of Holy Spirit and His Servant Rector, Phil Cook, God placed me, a broken and patched up vessel, back on the Potter’s Wheel and began reshaping my life. My Godly, Wonderful wife, Kate attended the companion Weekend, #71, a few weeks later, and we began sponsoring the people God placed on our minds and hearts who might share the Tres Dias experience.

Six years ago, Kate and I began serving on the TDNG Secretariat as one of the Palanca Couples. In 2008, I was called by God and the Secretariat to serve as the Rector for TDNG #95, where God poured out His “Lavish Love” in such measure I often could not stem the flow of tears. I was dubbed the “Weeping Rector” (a title I held with great honor, until last year when my good friend Chuck Surdi offered even more “sacrifice of tears” than I had). Six months after our full term in Palanca, Kate and I went back to serve as a sub-committee in the Palanca area, and then I served as Bill Furr’s Administrative Assistant until June of last year.

In the past eleven years, God has greatly blessed our lives, the lives of family members and friends through His faithfulness to the Tres Dias Community. TDNG has a wonderful, dedicated group of volunteers serving on the Secretariat, and it is my honor to have been elected to serve them and all of you as Chairman for the next three years.

We as a Community are greatly indebted to Bill Furr and those who have served with him for achieving growth while maintaining the uniqueness of TDNG. My pledge to the Community and those who serve with me on the Secretariat is to seek the Master’s Plan rather than just a master plan for our future. We will build on the successes of those who have gone before us, not rest on them. We consider our service to be that of stewards and servant leaders, and we ask for your prayers and, as we asked of you as Candidates on your Weekend, your spirit of idealism, cooperation and love.

In Christ’s Lavish Love,