July 2012

God is Good!

Blessings, and DeColores, Everyone!

It’s hard for me to believe that half of this year is already in the history books. And, in just 10 days from the time of this writing we will have completed our 234th TDNG Weekend. GOD is GOOD!

I hope this article will stimulate your thoughts and encourage you to be the Christian Leaders that God intends – and that Tres Dias is designed to produce. To paraphrase Amos in his answer to Amaziah (Amos 7:14), I am no prophet, nor am I the son of a prophet. However, it is obvious to me that signs of the Last Days are coming at an ever increasing pace. This is not the time to rest and not the time to give up hope. These are times to be vigilant and diligent.

I fully believe that God wants Christians to be Leaders and take Action to impact our Environments for Him now, more than ever. As Paul’s writing in Romans 12 implies, a life of Piety (Giving one’s whole self to God) is our reasonable response to the mercies of God. Taking positions of service/leadership in a Church where God’s Scripture is foundational and where we are challenged to Study it and use it as the plumb line is important, because the church is a vital Christian Community in Action.

I could go on, but I trust that this previous paragraph shows enough of how a Tres Dias Weekend is such a powerful tool in God’s Kingdom work. We need to do these things, and we are in a unique position to help other Christians do them as well. Sponsorship of Candidates for our Weekends has slowed in recent times, and I am asking you to really pray and ask God to spur each of us to be more intentional about sharing this experience with others. Sponsorship has associated responsibilities for support of Candidates and their families, but the blessing of a single Closing far outweighs the effort we make to have someone receive so much from our Father. Especially if you have not sponsored in a while, join us for an upcoming Closing and be inspired by the mighty work God could do for a friend or family member.

In Christ’s Lavish Love,