May 2012

“Trust and obey”

Blessings, and De Colores, Everyone!

Those words from the great old hymn are more relevant today than ever before, as long as we remember “WHOM” we trust and obey. Our human knowledge and ideas are never complete, so we must trust and obey God to accomplish the work He gives us to do.

This is an age of seemingly endless information and advice on every aspect of life from countless sources. Unfortunately, in all of that information and advice, there is very little wisdom. We need wisdom more than ever, and the apostle James tells us in chapter 1, verse 5 of his epistle that we can ask God for it and He will give it to us. James continues in chapter 3 to warn us that some may call what they offer, wisdom, but it is actually “earthly, unspiritual” and even “demonic”. Then, in verse 17 he tells us “But the wisdom that comes down from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.”

As we serve in this great community I’m praying for wisdom, and I hope all of you are, as well. It may be obvious to you that those of us who represent you on the Secretariat should pray for and demonstrate wisdom; it may be less obvious how each of us in the community demonstrating wisdom can be vastly more important than just the people in the 17 positions who cast votes. We depend on the wisdom of each Pescadore in many areas, some of which are:

Choosing to share the blessings we have received by committed sponsorship
Deciding when an invitation to serve on a team is truly God’s call tand when it is NOT.
Understanding that serving in our local churches speaks more clearly of our mission to our pastors than all the great stories of what God does on a Tres Dias Weekend.
Giving feedback and ideas to help improve job descriptions and ways of training new Pescadores.

I’ve recently read Dr. Michael Youssef’s book entitled, Trust and Obey. In the book, Dr. Youssef points out the wisdom and blessings of life and ministry based on those three words, and he clearly shows what can happen when they are not. May we all have the wisdom to Trust and Obey God, the One who is all wise!

In Christ’s Lavish Love,