January 2013

TDNG: 2013 and Beyond

After completing my first year serving you as chairman of the TDNG Secretariat, I express my gratitude for your support through prayers, sponsorship and service.

More and more I am reminded that there are only two things on this earth that are eternal, People and God’s Word. Scripture tells us that people will spend eternity in either heaven or hell, and it tells us that the Word will never perish. Though Tres Dias is not a ministry of evangelism, it is a ministry that encourages and supports evangelism. Borrowing a paragraph from a newsletter article I wrote last year:

“I fully believe that God wants Christians to be Leaders and take Action to impact our Environments for Him now, more than ever. As Paul’s writing in Romans 12 implies, a life of Piety (Giving one’s whole self to God) is our reasonable response to the mercies of God. Taking positions of service/leadership in a Church where God’s Scripture is foundational and where we are challenged to Study it and use it as the plumb line is important, because the church is a vital Christian Community in Action.”

My prayer for our leadership in this community this year is that we will:
Base all of our decisions on Biblical Principals as we are led by Holy Spirit
Increase the accuracy of Secretariat and Weekend Team positions’ job descriptions
Increase the efficiency of our processes while protecting useful practices
Be examples by being the leaders in our local churches that our mission says we seek to develop
By the way, when I used the word “leadership”, I meant not only the members of the Secretariat, but every person who takes a position of leadership on a TDNG Team.

I pray for all of us to stay committed to His Kingdom Work in 2013 and beyond. May those who come behind us find us faithful!

De Colores, and,
In Christ’s Lavish Love,