Blessings to all of you!

Many of you experienced or are at least aware of the impact the Winter Storms had on folks in our community. I’ve heard many stories of peril, and even great loss in that first wave. I’ve also heard many stories of God’s people being the Christian Community in Action. From spontaneous firewood delivery to opening homes to friends or strangers in need, to personal rescues… The list goes on.

Tres Dias of North Georgia and Tres Dias of Northeast Georgia were both faced with the possibility of canceling or significantly rescheduling Weekends when the snow and ice came in again early in the week of February 9th. There are too many details to give in this short piece, but there is ample space to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the dozens of Secretariat Members, the Rectors and Team Leadership, Vendors, Church Staff, Camp Staff and Pescadores who put in many hours and showed extreme dedication to God’s Kingdom Work in a period of about two and a half days to insure that our communities would have the Weekends. Then, there were several hundred Team Members and Candidates whose schedules had to change, and there were (as best we can determine) over 500 men and Women who attended the Serenades for the delayed Weekends.

I can tell you that the timing was – as you might expect, if you’ve been in either community for more than 3 days – GOD’S!!! All three “delayed” Weekends were saturated with the power of God, and lives were eternally changed. We worked hard, and we waded through some unsure waters, and God showed His Favor abundantly. I attended the Closings of TDNG W#130 and TDNEGA #5, and the testimonies, including some about the timing of the Weekends, had us in shouting territory.

Every Tres Dias Weekend is a powerful tool in the Hands of Almighty God! I thank all of you who allow Him to use your hands, feet, prayers and physical resources to allow our Candidates to experience “Jesus with skin on.”

DeColores, And
In Christ’s Lavish Love,