Blessings, All!

The time since my last article in the Pescadore Pages has been a uniquely busy time for Kate and me. We sold our home in Mableton, moved most of our stuff into storage and us to an apartment, bought and renovated a home in Powder Springs – among other things.

I want to make a public thank you to those in our wonderful community who demonstrated the CCIA during this time. We had help packing, moving, buying, renovating, moving again and setting up our new place – mostly from our Tres Dias Family.

This month holds a week of travel to support my last MEAG Power event as an Employee, then, Kate and I serve on the upcoming TDNG Weekends. Three days after Closing of W#128, by the Grace of God, I’m retiring from my job of nineteen years. I say all of that as a preface to laying out what I see to be the exciting “Second Half” of my tenure as Chairman of the TDNG Secretariat. God is giving me additional time to focus on current and future issues for His Glory and the good of our Community.

I thank each of you who took the time to give your responses to our recent survey on sponsorship. Increasing sponsorship remains a top priority for us, and the survey results confirmed some of our beliefs and, at the same time, gave us some insight and new ideas. My comments on this issue will be made below.  So, here’s some of what’s on my heart concerning our community:
Joy and Gratitude for God’s Grace poured out on TDNG Weekends, which is evidenced by the selfless service of our Pescadores and the amazing testimonies of changed lives we continually hear at Closings, Secuelas, in Reunion Groups – and, Oh Yes! – Facebook .
Gratitude for the members of the community who are stepping into new places of service on the Secretariat.
Gratitude that Tres Dias International is not just a titular body, but one that works to insure that the Biblical Truths we hold to are upheld by every Tres Dias Community. We are not only pledged to follow the Essentials of Tres Dias, but we have added language to the TDNG By-Laws to make it clear that our method is based on the Holy Bible. We do and will continue to use the definitions of relationships contained in that Scripture.
Gratitude for the Pastors and other Ordained Ministers who serve as Spiritual Directors on TDNG Weekends, and for the Ordained Pescadores who will join these ranks in the future. My special thanks goes to Mick McLaughlin for his service as Spiritual Director to the Secretariat.

There is no greater way to encourage sponsorship than to have the backing of local pastors. Once they understand the Purpose of Tres Dias, the Power of God that encourages men and women to lives of Piety through Study, Action, and to become change agents in their Environments through the Christian Community and Leaders in their Local Church, then they see the Potential in People who invest a weekend at a Tres Dias.
One of my current goals is to communicate directly with these men and women and address some issues that recently came to my attention. Mick and I have discussed some potential changes that I believe will be simple to get approved and will enhance the experience of serving on our Weekends.
Optimism about our sponsorship increasing. I appointed a committee to review the results of the sponsorship survey and present ideas for gaining greater sponsor support. As usual, the group exceeded my expectations and has made several recommendations that we will review in August and announce plans to the Community as soon as feasible after the decisions are made.
Please be praying about sponsoring someone you know for a Weekend. Remember, you are NOT responsible for paying a Candidate’s fees. Many sponsors do this, as God leads and provides. However, it is not, nor has it ever been, a requirement for a sponsor to pay the fees. Please do not deny someone the Blessing of attending a Weekend, who may be able to pay their own way – or pay some of it – just because you do not have the funds in your pocket.
Optimism that we will have all of our Weekend Job Descriptions updated by the end of this year.
Excitement about our new Website and Gratitude to our brand new Webmaster, Daniel Thomas for his work that got us to a place – and on a new path – in a matter of days after joining our Secretariat. The project had been stalled and a matter of concern for several years. Now I hope you will visit and both enjoy the benefits and make suggestions.
Excitement that TDNG will once again be the Host for the Tres Dias International Assembly, and gratitude for the awesome committee that has come together to make this event next July a great time for all involved. Please look for information on ways to volunteer and support this event, and serve if you want to honor and give back to our parent organization.
Gratitude to the Steering Committee and all of you who have served and are serving in the Tres Dias of Northeast Georgia. Chairman, Lou Harris, TDNG Liaison, Bruce Cato and the leadership of both of our communities have faithfully and tirelessly followed the processes we put in place for establishing a new community. TDNEGA will soon receive its own charter as a Tres Dias Community.
Finally, I want you to know that I’m praying for this community to continue to reflect the wisdom and grace that will honor and please our Wonderful Lord Jesus. I’m praying that each of us will demonstrate the behavior that we all learned about on the first night of our Weekends. I pray that we will demonstrate the spirit of Idealism, Cooperation and Love. This community, as great as it is, is not perfect. As individuals, we have some very different ideas about how things ought to be, and sometimes, I’m saddened to say, communication about ideas, events, circumstances, etc. is divisive. Sometimes the Idea, event, circumstance, etc. itself is misunderstood and/or misinterpreted, and therefore misinformation gets into the many media channels we use today.

I’m not suggesting that we have a major problem. What I am saying to you is that it would only take a small amount of cyanide to ruin the best recipe, and we want to prevent any “poison” from damaging our spirits and our unity in The Spirit. I pray that you and I will follow the clear instructions in Scripture, among them:
Proverbs 18:13; 19:11; 25:11 and 27:6
Matthew 18:15
Ephesians 4:15
Philippians 3:13-14
I am always open to feedback and questions, and I believe that every member of the Secretariat is as well. Let us all serve the Lord with gladness with the goal to create and uphold a reputation of excellence for TDNG.

In Christ’s Lavish Love,