Blessings, All!

In the previous edition of our Newsletter, I wrote an article titled “Perspective, Perception and Patience.” That article was focused mainly on our interaction with each other in this community, and now I want to move that focus outward. I don’t want to take the space here to reiterate, so, if you have not read the article, please take the 2 to 3 minutes it requires to read it; it’s on our wonderful Website.

Just as we have our Perspective about, and Perception of, things within our community, so do those who have not yet experienced a Weekend. I believe that our “Patience” – and other evidences of the Holy Spirit (Remember Galatians 5:22-23?) can go a long way towards helping those people DESIRE to have a Tres Dias Experience.

We recently announced a reduction in Candidates’ Weekend Fees that was a response to the survey we sent out about sponsorship. We trust that the Weekend fee of $75 per Candidate effective now through the entire year of 2014 will, indeed, encourage you to find people to sponsor. However, many of us feel that there is much more to be done that does not involve money. One of the ways we propose is that you start or find an “Open” Reunion Group and invite a potential Candidate to be part of it.

You read that correctly! A Reunion Group may have participants who have not been through a Tres Dias or similar Weekend. Any group so formed is simply called an Open Reunion Group. What better way to give people who question the value of Tres Dias, or have heard/read negative things about our ministry, the opportunity to see CCIA – True Piety based on Study put into Action by Christian Leaders to impact our Environments for Christ – than in a Reunion Group? Our 4th Day (Post-Weekend) team and our Webmaster have teamed up to make finding or starting a Reunion Group an easy process. Check out the Website or contact them at As a matter of fact, the Secretariat is open to having you bring potential Candidates to our Secuelas. A Secuela should have, according to Tres Dias Essentials, “a form of floating reunion group.”

I also welcome the opportunity to meet with any Pastor and/or Church Staff whom you feel would benefit from the testimonies of other Pastors and Secretariat leadership. We believe that Pastors who understand the positive impact our Weekends have traditionally and consistently had on Lay Leaders in the Local Church will be great encouragers of sponsorship and attendance by members of their congregations. Mick McLaughlin, Secretariat Spiritual Director, and I will be working on specific plans for Pastors involved in Tres Dias to help us with visits. We also have a very good DVD produced by Tres Dias International with the testimonies of several Pastors from different denominations about their personal Tres Dias experiences. If you would like to borrow it, please let me know.

My Brothers and Sisters, we have one of the most favored ministries in which I’ve been privileged to serve. We all should identify those in our churches who have the potential to be better Servant Leaders in the Kingdom and offer them the opportunity to have the Palanca of a Tres Dias Weekend.


In Christ’s Lavish Love,