March 2013

God’s Favor

Our God is always faithful! Do I hear an AMEN?

Kate and I have been going through one of the busiest times in our 21 years of marriage over the past two months, and God has seen us through every step and phase of each circumstance. He has also continued to show His Favor to and through this Community in some very specific ways.

I have been reminded of the themes and Scripture verses from a number of Tres Dias Weekends on which I’ve been privileged to serve as a number of these events have unfolded.

God showed us several markers (our own Ebenezer Stones) like Dell Howard Shared with us from 1 Samuel 7:12 to remind us that, “The Lord Hath Helped us This Far.” We were often reminded, as Michael Edwards was, that “We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight.” And, we saw time after time, as Bob Watt put it, that “God Has our Back.” The Angels he sent to help with the work were in the persons of members of my Reunion Group, Secretariat Members who shared more of the load when conflicts arose in our schedule and tight deadlines prevented my direct involvement and other members of the great Christian Community in Action from TDNG and our Apostles Church Family/Small Group.

The news of at least one of the ways God has shown His Favor has to do with our Secuelas, and you will find that news below. Also in this edition, there is a wonderful testimonial of Service on the Secretariat by Steve LaMarsh. Please read this entire Newsletter; it is always a good source of information.

We also have great news about definitive and already effective changes to our Website that will soon help us forget the struggles we’ve had for almost 3 years with access and response to requests. News of these changes will be announced in a special edition, coming soon. In this process, we welcome our new Webmaster/Tech Support member on the Secretariat, Daniel Thomas.

We welcome your feedback and thank you for your continued support of TDNG!

De Colores, and,
In Christ’s Lavish Love,