Quarter Millennium Mark

Blessings, and DeColores!

I hope many of you are aware that Tres Dias of North Georgia is hosting the Tres Dias International Assembly this July.  Details about the event may be found on our Website under the Events tab; please check it out and join us in extending our best Southern Hospitality to our guests from around the world.

Our Secuela on July 26 will be a joint celebration of the Assembly and our two July Weekends.  As I was writing a welcome letter to be given to the registrants of the Assembly, I realized that we will have reached what I believe to be a significant milestone for TDNG.  The July Weekends are Men’s #118 and Women’s #132.  That means that we will have held 250 Weekends since the fall of 1983.

I’m praying that this milestone will also become a Spiritual Marker, a “Stone of Remembrance” and a launching point for a renewed commitment to conducting God’s Kingdom Business through Tres Dias in total submission to Him.  I pray that we reflect His character as we serve.  I pray that we will allow the Refiner’s Fire to prepare us so that others will see HIS FACE when they see us serve.

“We give thanks, Lord God Almighty, for all the benefits you have Given us!”

In Christ’s Lavish Love,