George Flury

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George attended TDNG #61 in 2000. He sat at the Table of John and was molded on the “Potter’s Wheel” under the leadership of Rector, Phil Cook. George and his wife, Kate, worship at Church of the Apostles, and they serve in the First Impressions Ministry, Sunday Adult Bible Study Community and lead an Apostles sponsored Small Group.

George has served on Weekends in North GA, Birmingham, Northern Virginia, Foothills of GA and Northeast GA. He served as Rector of TDNG #95, where God demonstrated His Lavish Love to the Team and Candidates.

George and Kate served on the TDNG Secretariat as one of the Palanca Couples, and after three years, when the couple who took their position had to resign, they came back to serve as a committee, under the leadership of the other incumbent Palanca couple. After finding and training yet another couple, TDNG Chairman, Bill Furr, asked George to serve as his Administrative Assistant. George served in that position until June of 2011. He was subsequently elected to serve as Chairman for the 2012-2014 Term.

George has a wide range of business experience, and has instituted a number of procedures to help keep the TDNG Community strong and Biblically focused. He worked with previous and current leaders to assist in the formation of the Tres Dias of Northeast GA community. And now, he steps back into the role of TDNG Chairman to complete the un-expired term of our dear brother, Bundy Sanders, who had to resign due to the many serious health issues facing him and Michelle. This term runs through December, 2017.

Jack Kelly

Spiritual Director
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Jack attended ACC #1 in April 1976 where he sat at the table of St. Matthew. Jack and his wife Judy worship and serve at Sanctuary in West Cobb. Jack is one of the founding members and serves as an Elder there. He and Judy have 4 children and 9 grandchildren.

Jack has served on numerous NGTD weekends as well as CGTD, ACC, Walk to Emmaus, Vida Nuevas, Kairos, and Christilas and was blessed to serve as Rector on ACC #9 and served on ACC’s Secretariat.

Jack served on the pastoral staff at Mt. Paran Central from 1985 to 1990 until he left to start the DayStar Foundation, a Christian Counseling Center in Marietta with his wife Judy. In 1995 he received his Ph.D. in Psychology with an emphasis on Christian Counseling. Jack has a weekly men’s virtual Bible Study which he started in January 2010.

In 1990 he and Judy started the Georgia Christian Counselors Association and in 2012 he and Dr. Charles Travis started the American Chaplains Association. He and Judy also serve on the Board of Regents at Logos University.  He and Judy are also Certified Corporate Coaches and have The Opus One Group and work with executives all over the country.

Jack and Judy have also co-authored several books including God’s Blueprint for Your Marriage and Mastering the Mindset for Success.

Anson Fields

Newsletter / Communications
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Cole Knight

Cole Knight

Database Manager
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Chris Goellner

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Chuck Surdi

Chuck Surdi

Men's Leader - Omega
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Miriam Dolson

Women's Leader - Alpha
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Sharon DeBary

Women's Leader - Omega
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Tim Kiger

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Samantha Brooks

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Lisa Love

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