Our 1st set of weekends begin in about 8 weeks!

North Georgia Tres Dias Family,

I had the pleasure of introducing Tim Kiger, Men’s #141 Rector the other night.  He and the team are excited and preparing to serve the Candidates on March 17 – 20. Then on February 12, I will be introducing Tracy Victor Graham, Women’s #155 Rector as She and team prepare for the March 24 – 27 weekend.  And the Pre-Weekend couples report that we currently have 37 men and 34 women for these weekends!

The next set of weekends will then be in June, followed in August and finishing up in October.  All weekend dates and Rectors have been listed on TDNG’s website https://tdng.org/ .  Please continue to lift up these Rectors in prayer.  They are ready to go.  

The remaining weekends are open for Candidates (according to the Pre-Weekend couples).  Therefore, we have room for you to sponsor candidates for these weekends!  Applications can be easily submitted via our website  https://tdng.org/ .

Regarding the 2022 weekends, please remember the following info:

Send-offs will be held at Restoration Church in Roswell starting at 6:00 P.M.

Transportation will be as we’ve done before via Bus.  The Bus company currently has no restrictions for riders.

Serenades will be at the Camp of Colors starting at 6:30 P.M.  The Serenade will be held in the dining hall or outside under the Pavilion at the Rector’s discretion.

Closings will start at 4:30 on Sundays.

Camp of Colors Update

The camp is ready.  The COC board had environmental engineering assessments conducted last summer and acted on recommendations for remediations.  The actions taken include:

  • Replacement of carpeting through-out the entire Camp, as well as the Chapel.    
  • Installation of UV purification units on all HVAC systems.
  • Renovation of the Rollo room – new carpets, ceiling, walls painted, new tech booth.
  • Replacement of Rollo room chairs.
  • Repair/replacement of the common bathroom wall between the Kitchen dorm & Spiritual Directors room. 

The environmental firm performed a follow-up assessment and deemed the COC ready for use.  

Current NGTD COVID Practices

Secretariat members worked diligently in assessing and creating recommendations for Rectors (and the Community) to employ during a weekend.  A meeting was held with upcoming Rectors to review the recommendations which include:

  • Continuous follow-up cleaning of surfaces throughout Dorms, Chapel, Rollo Room & Kitchen.
  • Additional dorm chas added to the team roster to assist with cleaning surfaces on initial weekends of 2022.
  • Kitchen Chas to wear masks and gloves.
  • Table Chas to serve unopened canned drinks, as well as cleaning Rollo room tables when Candidates vacate the room.
  • Hand Sanitizer to be provided on Rollo room tables, Kitchen tables & Chapel.
  • Kitchen Chas to serve Candidates during reception vs. having an “open” buffet as well as when serving meals.
  • Masks will be available to anyone who desires one.
  • Individual communion sets to be utilized .
  • All food Palanca must be in individually wrapped packages.  For now, we cannot provide large open bags of “chips & dip.”  Oven palanca for the Kitchen will be served by Kitchen Chas and don’t need to be individually wrapped . 
  • ANYONE who becomes ill during the weekend will be sent home if/when feeling sick.  Sponsors – be “on-call” throughout the weekend to pick up your Candidate if they become ill.  
  • Team & Candidates are asked to not attend IF someone in their immediate family is ill or if they feel ill prior to the weekend vs. just toughing it out.

We cannot and do not suggest that these practices will provide 100% control of someone becoming ill during or after a weekend.  Please understand that these steps are being employed to provide a safe/clean environment to our best ability.

There will be additional communications as every weekend draws near.  Feel free to ask questions via the Chairman’s link at https://tdng.org/contact/ .   For now, continue to pray for guidance, protection and assurance over our Rectors, Team members and Candidates.   

I’m excited about 2022 and look forward to the testimonies Candidates (and team members) will share.  

Stay tuned and be ready to Sponsor, engage and serve! 


Steve Porter
Chairman TDNG