Fees to Increase Beginning with June 2022 Weekends

All of us have experienced increases on about everything we consume over the past few years.  Our Tres Dias community is no different. 

The costs for hosting weekends and the necessary business functions: weekend insurance, facility rental fees for COC, team meetings costs, Secuelas, Tres Dias International fees, state licensing, web hosting, etc. have increased 25–55%. 

The Secretariat reviewed costs submitted by each service area. We then used this information to forecast our annual costs (approximately $175,000) and budget based on anticipated numbers of Candidates and Team members for 2022. This information was reviewed by the Secretariat, and we made the decision that we must raise weekend fees to the following amounts:

  • Candidate weekend fees will be $150.  (was $125)
  • Team weekend fees will be a flat $200 (this amount includes the $15 team fee that was previously paid in addition to the team fee).  (formerly $125 + 15)

These increases will go into effect starting with the June 2022 weekends.

We have not had an increase in weekend fees since January 2010, but it would not be prudent to ignore the fact that our operating costs have risen, and we must cover our obligations.

We will, of course, continue to monitor costs and alert the community if future adjustments may be needed. We appreciate your understanding of this necessary move and your continued support of NGTD. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at https://tdng.org/contact/.